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An easy to use stretchy wrap  which is suitable for using with a newborn. Designed in Australia with the warm summer climate in mind from their own exclusive, in-house bamboo/spandex fabric blend, these wraps are super lightweight and breathable. Chekoh wraps are also narrower and shorter than other stretchy wraps on the market, which some new users find easier to tie and less overwhelming, however this also means they are suitable for a shorter time than other wraps. Safe wear from birth (3kgs) up to 8-10kgs

Chekoh wraps are designed not only with your style in mind, but also the safety of a secure and comfortable carry for your little one., there are also no belts, buckles, clips, bulky fabrics or padding involved with your wrap, just a soft, natural carry hold for your little one.  They are completely adjustable for a comfortable fit for any size – their exclusive fabric will mould perfectly to the contours of your body and your baby.

Proudly Certified Hip Healthy by  the International Hip Dysplasia Institute


Please ensure you follow all instructions for your wrap very carefully. You wrap is completely safe provided the instructions are followed exactly, including insuring it is tied correctly, your baby’s face is clear and that you do not lean over while wearing your wrap. See your instruction booklet and the safety label on your wrap for full details.


Machine washable – gentle low heat tumble dry

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